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WIZnet to Release IPv6 Chip, W6100

WIZnet plans to launch the first engineering sample of its hardwired Internet controller supporting IPv4/v6 dual stack in Q4 2018. For the past 20 years, WIZnet has built its brand within the embedded market with its IPv4 based hardwired Internet controllers. Due to the exponential growth of the IoT market and the increasing demand

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WIZnet officially releases W5100S

WIZnet has officially released W5100S, the more cost-effective version of W5100, as of 2nd of April, 2018. W5100, the de facto standard for Arduino Ethernet Connectivity, has been sold more than 10 million in quantity cumulatively. The price of the new W5100S has dramatically been reduced but unfortunately is not pin-to-pin compatible with W5100.

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WIZnet released the new CLI (Command Line Interface) Config Tool for WIZ750SR Series modules.

WIZnet officially released a new OS-agnostic CLI Configuration Tool as of (INSERT DATE HERE). As the tool is implemented using Python, it can be set up easily on any OS Platform. It supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.6. With this CLI Tool, any action like searching, setting, resetting, factory resetting, and even firmware updating

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W7500S2E-R1 and W7500S2E-Z1 Series Unveiled

W7500S2E-R1 and Z1 are an industrial grade serial to Ethernet module. It supports TCP server, TCP client and UDP three operating modes. The maximum serial baud rate is 460,800Mbps. W7500S2E-R1 supports WIZS2E ConfigTool (Configuration Tool for Windows®), web page configuration and AT command to configure the module. W7500S2E-R1 W7500S2E-Z1

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